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Take the guesswork out of your SaaS licenses management. Choose Licenstack as your One-Stop solution to handle all your SaaS licensing needs and focus on your core business.

Integrates WITH your tools

Connect Licenstack with the SaaS you use.

Our intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all your software licenses, cloud service usage, and billing details in one place.

Save time, delegate.

Licenstack is here to simplify your SaaS license management and let you focus on what matters most, your core business.

Choose your licences

Manage your team tools

Control your Saas expenses


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Great Interface


Fair Price

Time Saver

Great Support


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Why should you choose Licenstack.

Obtain in-depth visibility into your expenditures and access advanced forecasting features. Assign licenses to employees based on their roles and requirements, ensuring everyone has the tools they need to excel.

Let’s Discover our all strengths.

License Management

License Management

Licenstack streamlines the entire license management process, making it easy for you to allocate, track, and update licenses for various SaaS products.

License Allocation Made Easy:

License Allocation Made Easy:

Administrators can easily assign licenses to employees based on their roles and requirements, ensuring everyone has the tools they need to excel.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics:

Real-Time Reports and Analytics:

Stay informed with real-time usage statistics and cost analysis. Licenstack’s reports enable data-driven decisions for optimal license utilization.

Automated Renewals

Automated Renewals

Never miss a license renewal again! Licenstack provides timely reminders and automates the renewal process, saving you time and effort.

Cloud Service Integration:

Cloud Service Integration:

Licenstack seamlessly integrates with cloud providers like Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, allowing you to monitor and optimize your cloud resources effortlessly.

How do you start ?

2. Manage your licences and cloud space

Create teams for adding groups of licences and add the new licence you want to have for your teammates.

1. Import your company informations

and discover the amount of licence you need. We will organize your entire software stack and cloud resources into a unified, user-friendly dashboard.

3. We take care of the rest

We renew your licences automatically and send you a centralised bill every month regrouping all you licences and clouds. 

Ready? Remember

Licenstack is your reliable partner to optimize your software license management, enhance productivity, and elevate your business to new heights.

  • Manage onboarding
  • Manage offboarding 
  • Manage licences
  • Single centralized invoice
  • Reduction of unused licenses
  • Save time

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